Yoto Player and Yoto Mini: How do they work?
Yoto Player and Yoto Mini: How do they work?

Yoto Player and Yoto Mini: How do they work?

Yoto Player and Yoto Mini work in the same way and both are very simple to use. They are intuitive and designed for children from an early age up until they are 12 years old and beyond. Here is a breakdown of how to use your players to the best of their abilities.
First things first: have you set up your player? If not, download the Yoto App on iOS or Android on your smartphone and follow our 3 steps to get started.
Listening to a card and using the buttons player
Insert a Yoto Card into the top of your player to start listening. To pause, press the on/off button at the side of your player. Press again to play. 
Pull the card out to pause and/or stop playback. 
Rotate the right-hand button of your player to navigate through chapters. For each chapter a different static pixel icon will appear on the pixel display.
Click the right-hand button to skip to the next chapter. 
Click the left-hand button to go back one chapter. 
Rotate the left-hand button to adjust the volume.
Tip: you can adjust the maximum volume (for day and night mode) from the Yoto App.
When no card is inserted, press the right-hand button once to listen to the Yoto Daily podcast. Press twice to listen to Yoto Radio.
Tip: you can change/add shortcuts to the right-hand button from the Yoto App.
Press the on/off button on the right-hand side of your player once to see the battery level when no card is playing.
The Pixel Display
If your player is online, the time will display when no card is inserted. 
If the color of your clock changes from red to grey/white, it means you have lost internet connection.
If your player is offline, the Yoto face icon will display by default when no card is playing. 
Adjust the LED display brightness, icon display time, time format, and day/night mode from the Yoto App settings.
If a cloud appears when you play a card, it means the card is not yet downloaded to your player. The download will commence while the cloud is displayed. 
The Yoto Player Night Light
Turn Yoto Player on its face to display the night light. Tip: you can set the color of the night light from the app and choose from 7 colors.
Choose a different color for day mode and night mode: your children will know when it's time to go to bed and when to get up. Tip: you can also turn the night light off from the app. 
Bluetooth Mode
To use your player as a Bluetooth speaker, simply activate Bluetooth mode on the app and press the left-hand button on your player for 3 seconds to begin pairing.
To exit Bluetooth mode, press the left button again for 3 seconds. The icon will change from blue to grey to show that this has been disconnected.
Yoto Player and Yoto Mini updates
Just like your smartphone, your Yoto players are regularly updated to improve them and add more features. To update your players, simply connect them to WiFi and do not play a card for about 10 minutes.
Got questions about using our Yoto players? Do not hesitate to consult our support site or write to us at hello@yotoplay.com.

Yoto Player is a carefully connected screen-free speaker for kids

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