Get ready for new Yoto Club
Get ready for new Yoto Club

Get ready for new Yoto Club

We’re making Yoto Club simpler to use and better than ever.

You’ll get access to a much bigger collection of Yoto Cards, plus your usual 10% off and free shipping on everything, all the time. All for the same monthly or annual price.

As so many parents in the Yoto Community have said, it’s a win-win.

We'll be sending out more information closer to the 1st of October. But if you're a Yoto Club member, here's what you can expect.


What is the new Yoto Club?

We’re making Yoto Club easier to use and giving Club members more freedom to choose the Yoto Cards their kids will love. The price of your membership won't change, and you’ll still enjoy 10% off and free shipping on everything, all the time.


How will the new Yoto Club work?

Each month on your billing date, we’ll add two Club Credits to your account. Each Club Credit equals one Yoto Card, and instead of choosing from 10 pre-selected Yoto Cards, you’ll take your pick from a much wider Yoto Club collection within the Card Store. In October, you’ll have 100 titles to choose from and we’ll add more all the time.

There are no “card selection” times, so you can choose your Club Cards whenever you like and they’ll be shipped out immediately. It’s just like placing a normal order, so you’ll also get an order confirmation so you can remember what you’ve got coming. 

You can also accrue Club Credits for up to 12 months.


How do I manage my membership?

Sign in to your Yoto Account and click “Manage Membership”. You’ll be able to edit your delivery and billing addresses, update payment details, and cancel your membership.


Will there still be exclusive cards for Club?

We’ll regularly add brand new Yoto Cards to the Club collection so you can get titles you’ve never heard before. But these titles won’t be “exclusive” to Yoto Club members, they will be available at full price for non-club subscribers too.


Where will new Yoto Club be available?

The new Yoto Club will be made available from October in the USA and UK. We’re excited to bring Yoto Club to new regions in the future.


How will annual plans work?

Our plan is to add your monthly Club Credits to your account on the anniversary of when you bought your annual membership. You’ll be able to adjust your Club Credit date in your Yoto account. This may change so we’ll notify you with the latest info when the new Yoto Club launches.


Can I buy anything else with Club Credits?

No, Club Credits can only be used to redeem single cards included in the Yoto Club collection. You can’t combine Club Credits with payments to buy other items. One Club Credit is equal to one Yoto Card in the Club collection.


Can I have multiple memberships?

Yes! If you have a second membership, you’ll get 4 Club Credits each month. Of you get a third, you'll get 6 Club Credits each month. You can have as many as you like!


Can I still get a Make Your Own Card in Club?

Yes! Make Your Own Cards will still be included in the Club collection for you to choose from.


My annual membership renews in October. What can I expect?

All monthly and annual members will be automatically added to the new Yoto Club. That means we’ll add 2 Club Credits to your account at the start of October and you’ll be able to choose from the wider Yoto Club collection. Your annual membership will auto-renew on the anniversary of your original sign up.

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