Yoto Player (3rd Generation)

Yoto Player (3rd Generation) opens up kids’ creative play to a whole new world of potential. Build independence, inspire imagination and let kids from 3-12 + lead the way through family life.

No microphone. No camera. No ads.

WARNING! Choking Hazard. Small parts, not suitable for children under 36 months

Yoto Player Features

  • For ages 3-12+
  • Room thermometer
  • Enjoy up to 24 hours of play per charge
  • Acoustically-engineered stereo sound
  • Includes endless free audio
  • Ok-to-wake night light and clock
  • Free Make Your Own Card
  • Bluetooth enabled
Comparison of the features of Yoto Player and Yoto Mini
Yoto Player$119.99
Yoto Mini$69.99
Great for...

Listening around the home

Listening on the go


Accoustically-engineered stereo sound


Night light



Room thermometer







USB-C & Wireless


Battery Life

Up to 24 hours

Up to 20 hours


Wired (3.5mm jack) & wireless

Wired (3.5mm jack) & wireless

App connectivity



Free in-player content



Size inch

4.3 x 4.3 x 4.1

2.7 x 2.7 x 1.5


The Chronicles of Narnia

Step into the enchanted magical realms, the epic battles between good and evil, and the unforgettable creatures of Narnia.


PAW Patrol Pup Pack

The greatest Pup Pack of all! Join your favorite PAW Patrol pups on some of their most PAWsome adventures.


Super Simple Songs Collection

Your preschooler’s favorite Super Simple Songs are now available!


Starter Pack

Get our Starter Pack of cards at a discounted price when bought with a Yoto Player or Yoto Mini!


Independent, ad-free listening for kids

No more handing over your smartphone or worrying about intrusive ads - Yoto Player puts kids safely in control of their listening, learning and play. So they can explore what inspires them, and you can watch their confidence grow.


Kids pop a card in the slot to play.


Kid-friendly buttons unlock exclusive free audio.


Change chapters and adjust volume on their own.

Parents in control

0-2 years

Everything parents need to fill their home with sound and make bedtimes a breeze.

Kids in control

3-5 years

Kids can choose what they want to listen to, building confidence and fine motor skills.

Kids in control

6-12+ years

Kids form healthy routines and discover new audio that inspires them as they grow.

Sweeter dreams

90% of parents agree that Yoto has made bedtimes easier for their family. That’s a lot of Zs! Discover how Yoto Player can help your child be a sleep superstar and good morning maestro.

  • Room Thermometer
  • Sleep Sounds
  • Night light
  • Ok-to-wake

Get “nighty-night”s right

Yoto Player’s night light has no less than seven night light colors to choose from. Just flip the display face-down after lights out and, hey presto – instant sleepy ambience fills the room.

Ok-to-Wake? You decide

The Ok-to-wake clock lets kids know when it’s time to get up and go. You choose the time, and Yoto Player’s clock and night light will change to show that it’s wake-up time. It’s what an extra 37 minutes of dreams are made of.

From white noise to dreamy music, kids can nod off to a huge library of sleep sounds.

Immersive stereo sound

The new Yoto Player simply sounds better. We’ve acoustically engineered its stereo speakers to please even the most discerning of audiophiles (and their parents).

Listen how you like

  • Get offline

    Yoto Player can store 600+ hours of audio for offline listening. Just download your Yoto Cards with WiFi and then the world is their auditory oyster.

  • Bluetooth speaker

    Yoto Player works as a regular Bluetooth speaker too. Sync up with your phone or computer to play whatever you like.

  • Headphones

    For quiet time or travel time, kids can use wireless or wired headphones for a more personal listening experience.

Create your own audio

Yoto Player comes with a free blank card - you can put (almost) whatever you want on it. Bedtime stories from grandparents, mixtapes from your mp3s or your favorite radio and podcast streams. Learn more about making your own card here.

Get the Yoto App

The simple way to set boundaries, customize your family’s experience, and generally make the most of your new player.

Tech Specs


Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity

USB-C fast charge

Wireless charging (dock sold separately)

Up to 24hrs playback

40mm 5W stereo speaker

32GB internal memory

Ambient night light

Room temperature monitoring

Box Contents

Yoto Player (3rd Generation)

1.5m (USB-A > USB-C) Charging Cable

Welcome Card (it's also a free Make Your Own card!)


The Yoto app

A WiFi connection

A huge imagination


    The short answer? So many things. Yoto Player is the only kids’ audio player with a programmable night light and clock, Ok-to-wake settings, its own daily podcast, family radio stations as well as endless hours of free stories, music, podcasts and sleep sounds.

    Plus it has acoustically-engineered stereo sound, 600+ hours of storage for offline listening, a boosted battery life for up to 24 hour of play, and a room temperature thermometer.

    Maybe you shouldn’t! Every family is different and you’ve got to do what’s right for you and yours.

    Yoto Player has been built for kids from the ground up - it’s ad-free, has no microphones or cameras, and is packed with free audio and features for family life. It was designed to encourage kids to be more independent throughout their day, whether that’s tuning in to Yoto Daily each morning, brushing their teeth for a whole 2 minutes, or taking control of bedtime. Not to mention all those hours of listening, learning and creative play!

    Plus, in a recent survey of 7,000+ Yoto customers, 90% of Yoto Player owners agreed that their player has made their child more independent. And you know what? Many of those families also own smart speakers!

    Yoto Player (3rd Generation), of course! 1.5m (USB-A > USB-C) Charging Cable A Welcome Card (which doubles as a Make Your Own Card) A Quick Start Guide

    Yoto Player doesn’t come with a power adapter, a wireless charger or any accessories not listed above.

    Yoto Player is suitable for kids aged 3+. Our Card Store has 1,000+ titles for kids from birth to 12+ so there’s always something new to explore as kids learn and grow.

    Kids can enjoy up to 24 hours of play on a single charge. That’s a lot of listening!

    Yoto Player comes with a USB-C cable so you can charge it almost anywhere, and you can also buy a Wireless Charger separately. Yoto Player (3rd Generation) is not compatible with the Yoto Player (2nd Generation) wireless dock.

    Yes, but just for a few quick things. The majority of listening can be done offline – from the treehouse, the car or even the most sturdy of pillow forts. Sweet freedom!

    You’ll need a WiFi connection to set up your Yoto Player and download your Yoto Cards. Once they’re downloaded, your child can play them wherever and whenever they like! Yoto Radio, and Yoto Daily will need WiFi too. You can disconnect your Yoto Player from the WiFi via the app.

    We launch new features to Yoto Player all the time, so you’ll want to connect your player fairly regularly so it can download any new Yoto OS updates.

    Easy. Download the Yoto App for iOS or Android and follow the setup process. The app will take you through everything and the fun can begin in just a few minutes!

    Yoto Cards are made from food-safe plastic, so they’re hard to bend and even harder to break. Your whole Yoto Card collection is saved in your Yoto App, so if you lose one, you’ll be able to link it to a new Make Your Own Card in seconds - simple!

    If you bought your Yoto Player between 2020 and mid-2023 then you probably have our award-winning Yoto Player (2nd Generation) - congrats! We’ll continue supporting you and your player with new Yoto OS updates for the foreseeable future.