Yoto Radio

Tune in. Jam Out.

Yoto Radio is our free all-day radio stream. Start an on-demand dance party, enjoy a slow and soulful afternoon or relax to restful night time radio.

  • Ad-free. Always
  • Fully family-friendly
  • Regularly refreshed
  • Carefully curated

How to access Yoto Radio

  • Tap the right button twice to tune in when connected to Wi-Fi

  • Listen to Yoto Radio on the Yoto App, available on the App Store and Google Play

Listen all day...

Let kids lead the way with body-popping, hip-swaying, foot-stomping fun — all day long. Our curated kid-friendly stream is packed with classic and current hits.

...and all night

Drift into a calming collection of sleepy songs and sounds — exclusive to Yoto. After a fun-filled day of nodding to the beat, it's time for nodding off with Sleep Radio.

Discover more in the app

Are you radio gaga? Listen to Yoto Radio and Sleep Radio in the app, or take your family on an audio adventure with third-party streams from across the globe. Find Radio in My Library to tune in and jam out.

Available on the App Store and Google Play