Inspiring audio for kids

Kids in control

Inspiring audio for life’s greatest adventure. Childhood. Our carefully connected speakers put kids in control of their listening, learning and play. No cameras. No microphones. No ads.

Yoto Player

Around the home

Our award-winning audio player is the heartbeat of the family home. Packed with features for day and night, Yoto Player is so much more than a storyteller.

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Yoto Mini

On the go

The audio companion for every adventure. Yoto Mini feeds creativity and imagination on the go, putting the best of Yoto in the palm of kids’ hands.

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Discover a world of audio

Childhood is when we fall in love with audio for the first time. With a world of audio at their fingertips, kids will fall in love time and time again.

Explore hundreds of titles for all ages and stages.

Free audio at the push of a button

Kitchen dance parties? Treasure hunts? Bedtime soundscapes? Check, check and check. There’s free audio for every occasion with Yoto Player and the Yoto App.

Explore free audio

Make your own cards

Family life - it’s personal. Record your own bedtime stories, make your own mixtapes, or tune in to your favourite radio stations with Make Your Own Cards.

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Screen-Free Fun

Amanda Lynch

“We still read books together every single day, my son has his favorites as paper books and on the Yoto Player. And the only activity it’s stopped him doing is pestering for TV!”

Winning at bedtime

Peaceful moments are what dreams are made of. Discover a calming collection of sleepy stories, songs, white noise and more, plus features for bedtime and wakeup routines.

Anywhere, anytime

The Yoto App lets you play your whole library wherever you are, whatever you’re doing. It’s also packed with free audio and extra features that help family life run a little more smoothly.

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Built for adventure

A good audio explorer always comes prepared! Our Adventure Jacket is one of many Accessories that organise and personalise play time.

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Yoto in the wild