Safety Standards

Yoto products are safe and suitable for use by kids aged 3 and up. We recommend only adults use the charger, which should be kept out of reach of children at all times.

We want our products to grow with your kids throughout their childhood, but that's only possible if our products can withstand the trials and tribulations of family life. That's why we maintain high levels of control and supervision to make sure our products have the longevity and quality you would expect. We also conduct regular performance testing and quality inspections, with all of our products undergoing rigorous third-party testing to the highest global safety standards.

Yoto products meet the unique toy safety standards of every region where they are sold, including EN71 for Europe & UK, ASTM for the United States, ISO for Australia and SOR for Canada. They also comply with RoHS and REACH, which is EU legislation that controls the risks associated with chemical and hazardous substances in electronic equipment, and the various low voltage, radio equipment and electromagnetic compatibility legislation from around the globe.

Please see our Product Safety page for more information.

Product Conformity and Symbols

You will see certain symbols on our products, here is a quick guide to what they mean:

  • 0-3 symbols & 3+ warnings are on our products and packaging to warn care givers that the products should not be given to or charged within reach of children under 3 years
  • CE & UKCA symbols are certification marks that indicate health, safety and environmental protection legislation and confirms a product's compliance with the relevant requirements in the European Union and UK
  • FCC symbol is a certification mark found on electronic products manufactured or sold in the United States
  • RCM symbol is a certification mark found on electronic products manufactured or sold in Australia
  • WEEE means do not dispose of electricals and batteries in household waste but take to your local recycling center for safe WEEE disposal (For France, WEEE UIN Code: FR249133_01AAFV)


Absolutely! We’re all for active listening. Just keep your player on a flat, stable surface while it’s charging. And make sure it’s well-ventilated and kept away from water.

For the safest use, keep your Yoto player out of the bathroom. It is not water or splash proof and as with all electronic products, it is not advisable to have them in a bathroom. Of course, we do recognise that we have our toothbrush timer, so in this circumstance, we recommend keeping it outside the bathroom in a safe space, where you can continue to enjoy the audio and at the same time, use your player safely.

We can never guarantee the quality of another company’s cable, so we recommend using Yoto branded cables only. For all Yoto Mini sold between 2021 and 2023, please only use the new Yoto Mini Smart Cable replacement provided from April 2024 - more information here. Original Yoto Mini USB-C cable is safe to use with the Yoto Player 3rd Generation only. Order your Yoto Mini Smart Cable here, or get in touch with us if you need a replacement cable.

No. As with any electronic device, chargers should only be handled by an adult and charged out of reach of children.

No, please keep your player out of reach of children while it’s charging. As with any electronic device, it’s unsafe for children to handle devices that are connected to main power.

You can use your Yoto Mini inside its Travel Case, but we don’t advise charging your Yoto Mini inside the case. It’s important that your Yoto Mini is well-ventilated while on charge.

If it’s on charge, immediately switch off and unplug from the mains, then safely disconnect the charger. If it has an Adventure Jacket, please remove it. Then leave your Yoto player in a well-ventilated area at room temperature to dry for at least 24 hours, and check it for any water damage. Once dry, turn the battery on first, and if that works, insert the charger. If there are no issues, you’re good to go. If there are, contact our Customer Happiness team.

Try to remove it yourself with a non-metal implement, then check for any damage to the port. If it looks OK, insert the charge cable to test it. If not, contact our Customer Happiness team.

Try to remove it, and contact our Customer Happiness team if you can’t.

Yes, that’s fine. Just make sure it’s a flat, sturdy surface out of your child’s reach, and that the player can’t fall off.

We have high safety standards and submit our products to lots of testing. Because we can’t be sure that others do the same, we cannot endorse any Yoto-style accessories made by others.

We recommend following the best practice for all electronic devices, which is to charge them to around 80% of their capacity. This will prolong the health and lifespan of your lithium battery.

We recommend using plugs from well-known brands, purchased from reputable retailers.

Please unplug it immediately, power it off, and contact our Customer Happiness team via our support page.

Yoto Player and Yoto Mini make great companions for family travel! And because they use lithium batteries, we recommend taking them in the cabin with you. This is best practice for all devices with lithium batteries, including smartphones and power banks.

Yes, official Yoto accessories are fully compatible with our players, both on and off charge.

We recommend an ambient temperature of 0C/32F and 35C/95F for safe use.

We love that you are using our alarm functionality and in this example, would simply suggest to ensure it is plugged in but that the cable is not within reach of your child. Chargers should only be handled by an adult with the cable kept safely out of reach of children.

Devices will be supported with security software updated until at least 5 years after the device is last available for purchase on

Security updates will be provided to your Yoto Player and/Yoto Mini for at least 5 years and up until January 31, 2030.