Helping Families

Since day one, Yoto has been focused on helping families. Yoto began in 2015 with a conversation between our co-founders on the challenges of modern parenting. They both had nagging concerns around the effects of excess screen time for young children, with potential negatives around sleep disruption, fine motor control development and addictiveness of screens, making them think twice about putting kids in front of a screen.

As time goes on, Yoto families have been reaching out to share their experiences with us and we’ve learned that Yoto Player and Yoto Mini have done a lot to help families. All different types of families and family situations. Families of children with busy brains, who find it hard to switch off, who see and move through the world in unique ways, who spend time away from home having treatment, who have issues sleeping and so much more. We invite you to explore this page and read about our community’s experience with Yoto. We hope it helps your family and inspires you to share your own unique story with us. If you'd like to get advice from members of the Yoto Community in real time or share your own experience with Yoto, join the conversation on Yoto Space.

Neurodiversity, Mental Health, Physical Challenges

Hear from parents of neurodiverse children on how Yoto has helped lessen overstimulation, quiet their child's mind and encourage independence.

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Learning Difficulties

Read on to hear about how Yoto can make learning more engaging and accessible, helping kids gain confidence and control

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Learn how the Yoto Player and Yoto Mini have helped calm the nerves of little patients and how our Make Your Own cards allow parents to comfort their child even when they can't be there in person.

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Project Second Chance

Discover how our Yoto team members are personally empowering learning and technology access for kids through our schools and community donation initiative.

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Note from Yoto: Testimonials have been written by families, and shared by us with their consent. Names may have been changed or removed where requested.