Parent of NICU Patient, Boston Children's Hospital

Using the Yoto player, we were able to help soothe him and stimulate parts of his brain while he lay in the NICU. The music therapist set up a recording session so my husband and I could read poems, and stories and sing to our child. Setting this up really gave us peace of mind because we knew when we left, he would still hear our voice and encouraging words, and songs and poems from us as if we were still there. Our son’s vitals would always improve and he would smile during therapy.

Kim G.

Our son Raphael has absolutely loved his Yoto Mini. He has had long covid for 18 months now and suffers from fatigue and can't be as active as he would like. He also finds reading tiring now and he attends school part time. Having the Yoto Mini means he can still enjoy books like before. Plus, it gives him a screen free activity to do when he is not feeling well. He is 9 and loves all the science podcasts and music cards. Raphael loves the wide variety of Yoto Cards he can choose from. The Yoto is also a great distraction at bed time when he is often in pain from stomach aches and headaches. It means he is relaxing and happier and can fall asleep easier. It's crucial for him that he has a good night sleep so a huge win!

The Yoto Mini is also great for all the hospital trips and "boring" medical appointment we have to go to. He was able to distract himself from his symptoms, keeping him calm and occupied all day long while we were waiting. The whole family has fallen in love with the Yoto Mini, so much so that we may have to buy a second one for his little sister!

He has gained lots of knowledge from the science podcasts especially and will often share some new facts he has learnt with the rest of the family. I am half French and I love that we can get French speaking cards to help him keep up with his French. It is especially useful that we can slow down the speed to make it easier for him to understand.