How to Spend Your Spring Break With the Yoto Mini
How to Spend Your Spring Break With the Yoto Mini

How to Spend Your Spring Break With the Yoto Mini

Open your windows! Sound the bells! It’s time for the sounds of spring to come marching in!
Springtime is here, which means April showers, May flowers, and…spring break! Get in some quality family time with your newest member: the Yoto Mini, a.k.a. the tiny-but-mighty companion to all your family’s adventures.
Jazz up your family time with the Yoto Mini by…
Setting the soundtrack to your road trip.
Put your own songs on a Make Your Own Card, which can store up to 100 tracks/500MB of audio content. Refreshed with a spring palette, these Make Your Own cards are great ways to personalize your Yoto experience. If you’re in full-on vacation mode, let us choose the songs for you with our Journey Jams and Transportation Songs.
Picnicking in the park.
With the Yoto Mini, your favorite stories follow you. Complement your picnic spread with classic creature tales like The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Other Stories, Stuart Little, and Winnie-the-Pooh: the Complete BBC Collection.
Having a spontaneous dance party.
Pop in one of our Kidz Bop cards and host your own dance party on the fly. If your taste in music differs, fear not. Plug in a set of headphones to your Mini and jam out to whatever you choose, wherever you want. Silent disco time!
Cozying up in a pillow fort.
Bring the blankets and fluff the pillows as you immerse yourself in a world of soundscapes. Explore an enchanted forest, or take a trip on a steam train…anything is possible when you bring your Yoto Mini along. And don’t forget- all of our soundscapes can be linked to Make Your Own Cards. Because the fun doesn’t stop, even when you make your way back home.
Ending the day on a high note.
And when the day dims down and it’s time to doze off, the Yoto Mini’s twenty hours of battery life can follow your tiny tot into the land of dreams with sleep sounds and white noise.
Because where the family goes, the Yoto Mini follows.
Start your Yoto Mini adventure here.

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