May Yoto Daily Schedule
May Yoto Daily Schedule

May Yoto Daily Schedule

May this month be filled with sunnier days and May Yoto Daily episodes be filled with fantastic facts, and hilarious jokes for all the family to enjoy.
Full schedule:
May 1st - April Round-up
May 2nd - Cheese or Chocolate
May 3rd - Guess that Sound
May 4th - Happy Headlines/Jokes
May 5th - Astronaut Day
May 6th - Coronation Day
May 7th - Family Quiz
May 8th - World Donkey Day
May 9th - Europe Day
May 10th - Five Fantastic Facts
May 11th - Happy Headlines
May 12th - Friyay Jokes
May 13th - Beat the Buzzer
May 14th - Draw Along
May 15th - Cheese or Chocolate
May 16th - Odd One Out
May 17th - Five Fantastic Facts
May 18th - Happy Headlines
May 19th - Friyay Jokes
May 20th - World Bee Day
May 21st - Simon Says
May 22nd - Word of the Day
May 23rd - World Turtle Day
May 24th - Five Fantastic Facts
May 25th - Happy Headlines
May 26th - Friyay Jokes
May 27th - Missing Sounds
May 28th - Doodle Along
May 29th Mixed up Maths
May 30th - Magic 10
May 31st - Five Fantastic Facts

Simply press the right-hand button on your Yoto Player or Yoto Mini to join in on the fun. You can also listen to past episodes on the Yoto App.
Got a question about Yoto Daily? Chat to us on social media, or email Jake at!

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