New Make Your Own How-to Guides
New Make Your Own How-to Guides

New Make Your Own How-to Guides

Personalized audio for your family
Make Your Own Cards are the best way to create bespoke playlists. Whether you're new to Yoto or you've been wanting to try Make Your Own Cards for a while, here's everything you need to get started.
What is a Make Your Own card?
 They're essentially blank Yoto Cards which can store up to 100 tracks/500MB of audio. Make Your Own cards offer endless opportunities for you and your little ones to get creative. Record your own audio, upload audio files from elsewhere (e.g. MP3 files, audiobook purchases), or use any existing audio in the Yoto App.
Edit them as many times as you like and decorate each card with stickers, drawings, and messages so you know what's what and who's who. Then you can play them whenever you like or even send them to friends and family members to tap on their phones or listen to on their own Yoto players.
Oh, and how cool is this? When you add others to your Yoto Family Account, they'll be able to record their own audio directly into the app and have it appear on your phone to link to your Make Your Own cards!
New how-to guides
Guide 1 (How to link audio to a Make Your Own Card)
Guide 2 (How to make a copy of a Yoto Card)
Guide 3 (How to delete a playlist)
Guide 4 (How to record audio on the Yoto App)
Guide 5 (Making your first playlist, logging in to the Make Your Own maker page, and choosing pixel art for your playlist)
Guide 6 (How to share a playlist) 
Looking for inspiration?
On the 'Discover' tab inside the Yoto App, you’ll find lots of content you can link to a Make Your Own card—like free chapters of new cards coming, as well as our Timers and Soundscapes.
Keen to do more? Below are some other ideas to keep you occupied!
Start a Family Band
Are your kids becoming musical maestros? Pots and pans, toy keyboards, and broken ukuleles will do just fine. What matters is that you all have fun and make plenty of noise!
Start a Family Book Club
Is there a talented storyteller in your family or friendship circle? It's easy to add friends and family to your Yoto Player's Family Account so they can record stories in the Yoto App for you to listen to.
Have them record one of their favorite storybooks or a tale of their own invention. Roald Dahl famously came up with many of his most beloved tales while thinking of bedtime stories for his daughters!
If your friends don't want to download the Yoto App, that's fine! Most smartphones have free voice recording apps which they can use to record and email their stories.
Get Crafty in the Kitchen
Whipping up delicious food together is one of the best things you can do as a family. If your kids love to get involved in the kitchen, why not make some recipes to listen to while you cook together? Then you won't need to worry about which hand is clean enough to turn the pages!
These Make Your Own cards are perfect for sending to friends and family who might need a little culinary inspiration. Get the kids to record their recipe, decorate their card, and then pop it in the mail!
For recipe inspiration, check out our Baking with Yoto cards.
Knock, knock!
There’s always at least one joker in the family. If you’ve got some hilarious jokes to tell, pop on your comedian cap and get giggling. If you’re at a loss for jokes, you can always tune in to Yoto Daily on Fridays to hear plenty of jokes from Yoto listeners around the world!
Tip: You can record your jokes, recipes, or stories straight into the Yoto App thanks to the recording section!
Pick your Podcast or Radio Station
The Yoto App already contains a curated selection of radio and podcasts.
To utilize these on a Make Your Own card, go to My Library, then select either the Radio or Podcasts tab near the top.
Find something that you would like to listen to and tap on the title to select the three-dot menu from within the detail page, then follow the instructions to link the audio to a Make Your Own card.
Want to listen to something not covered in the Yoto App? To make a card using any radio station you like that has a live stream on the internet, you will need the streaming link / URL. To make a card from a single podcast episode, you will require the RSS link.

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