“When I grow up, what do I want to be?”
“When I grow up, what do I want to be?”

“When I grow up, what do I want to be?”

Inspire young readers with ‘Little People, Big Dreams’
The ‘Little People, Big Dreams’ books introduce young readers to inspiring trailblazers in politics, science, music, art, design and more. They’re loved by children all over the world and we’re so excited to bring some of these amazing stories to Yoto. 
Little People, Big Dreams: Women in Science
Little People Big Dreams: Women in Science card
Inspire your child to think BIG with the life stories of women who changed science forever. From Marie Curie, to Zaha Hadid—these bold and talented scientists went on to transform how we live and what we know. 
Little People, Big Dreams: Inspiring Musicians
Little People Big Dreams: Inspiring Musicians
David Bowie. Mozart. Ella Fitzgerald—just some of the musicians your child will learn about in this wonderful six-part series. With their unique ideas and fun personalities, they made their mark and rose to stardom with their instruments and talents in tow. 
Ask your kids about their big dreams
Once upon a time, these amazing people were just kids. Wouldn’t it have been cool to know what they wanted to be when they were little?
So, here’s a fun idea—record a ‘Make Your Own’ Card asking your kids these questions: 
1) What do you want to be when you grow up?
2) Why do you want to be a _____?
3) What do you think your day would look like as a _____?
4) Why do you think you’d make a good ____?
5) If you weren’t a ______ what else would you want to do?
6) Who inspires you? 
    Maybe one day, you can play it for them when they’re older. (Like a message from their younger self).
    Customize their ‘When I grow up, I want to be…’ card
    Grab their crayons and print off a free sticker sheet from Yoto Space.

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