Spotlight On: Caspar Babypants
Spotlight On: Caspar Babypants

Spotlight On: Caspar Babypants

We’re big fans of music around here, in all its forms. From the upbeat and playful to the sleepy and gentle, there’s a tune for every family with Yoto - and what better way to celebrate the joy of music than to meet the awesome artists behind some of your favorite Yoto tracks? We sat down with artist Caspar Babypants to discuss his brand new music card, More Beatles Songs, what keeps him inspired and more!
Caspar Babypants
About the Artist: Hello there! My name is Chris Ballew. I am also known as the lead singer of the rock 'n' roll band The Presidents of the United States of America, but if you have children I am probably better known to you as Caspar Babypants. I've been making music for kids and parents for over 10 years and have a huge library of music that you will definitely want to listen to as soon as you're finished reading this little Q and A!
Q: I’m sure this is a tough question to answer- but do you have an all-time favorite Beatles song?
A: Absolutely! I think my all-time favorite Beatles song is "I Saw Her Standing There". It just sounds so rich and high fidelity for the era in which it was recorded and the energy is undeniable and it's their first original song that I think really transcends the ordinary and showcases their harmonic talents.
Q: Would you rather live in an Octopus’ Garden or on a Yellow Submarine? 
A: Both! I'd like to travel to the Octopus's Garden in a Yellow Submarine. Then pick up the octopus and take him to Strawberry Fields for a playdate. Then go to Penny Lane for a treat. Then I drop him back off at the Octopus's Garden and continue having adventures in the Yellow Submarine. So I guess the answer is the Yellow Submarine!!
Q: How did you choose which songs would be included on your latest card, More Beatles Songs? 
A: The songs that were selected for this card were basically a bunch of songs that were not featured on "Beatles Songs". I just wanted to make sure that all the wonderful Beatles music that I had the pleasure of interpreting was available for the entire Yoto audience!
Q: Who’s your favorite Beatle and why? 
A: The answer to that question changes over time. There are periods where I really appreciate Paul's innocent melodic craftsmanship. There are periods where I really appreciate John's confessional, personal lyrical approach and surreal musical approach. There are periods where I love George's mystical abstraction. And there are definitely tines where I love Ringo's happy-go-lucky attitude in contrast to his massive talent as a drummer. I feel like I'm copping out but that's the truth!
Q: What keeps you inspired and motivated to create music? 
A: Thinking about all the families out there that need music in order to elevate stressful or uncomfortable situations keeps me chugging along! Although I am retired from making new Caspar Babypants music, there are 19 albums out and many Yoto cards so people can enjoy the music whenever they feel angry or bored or hungry or tired and hopefully it will elevate their mood and help them feel better. That's what keeps me going!

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