More Dancing Songs. Caspar Babypants

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More Dancing Songs

    Yoto says: Caspar is back so get your dancing shoes ready. Songs to make you bop, move and groove from the most fun singer around.

    Tracks include:
    01) All You Pretty Babies
    02) Johnny Jackrabbit Jones
    03) Baby's Driving A Car
    04) Five White Ducks
    05) All The Fish
    06) Go Go Go!
    07) Because I Love You
    08) Sugar Ant
    09) Wild Wild Time
    10) Knee High Thing
    11) Baby's Getting Up
    12) Cut That Coconut Down
    13) This Is The Way The Woods Wake Up
    14) Speedy Centipede
    15) Rockin' Robin
    16) You Are The Baby
    17) Take The Sun
    18) Silly Bird
    19) Fiddlehead Fern
    20) I Wanna Be A Snowman

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