Create a new school routine with Yoto!
Create a new school routine with Yoto!

Create a new school routine with Yoto!

Starting school or returning to school after a long summer is a big change for children - and a big change to family life. Establishing a familiar routine at home goes a long way to helping things run just that little bit more smoothly - and Yoto is here to help!


Creating a routine
  • Establish a wake up time with your little one - set the time in the Yoto App, then when your child sees the sun appear on their player they will know when it is time to rise and shine. Or if the moon is still out it is still time to snuggle under the covers.
  • Getting dressed doesn't have to feel like a chore when a bit of Yoto Radio is playing! A truly eclectic playlist with old classics that will have both kids and parents tapping their feet to fun and funky modern music for kids, like the incredible Caspar Babypants (Disco Hippo, anyone?). Getting dressed for school can be a flashpoint, especially for reluctant, tired or nervous children. Music is a great way to relax the mood and start the day with smiles on faces and springs in steps.
  • Yoto Daily - our free mini podcast, accessed via the right hand button - is the perfect accompaniment to breakfast. Expand your little one’s vocabulary with Monday’s Word of the Day; explore a new country every Wednesday through Five Fantastic Facts; and have a giggle on a Friyay with jokes sent in by listeners. Then there’s the games; Cheese or Chocolate, Magic Ten, Alphabetter and more… whatever day it is, Yoto Daily is the perfect way for the whole family to engage their brains and start the day.
  • After school, Yoto can support you in the ongoing battle to reduce screen time. If your child is starting school for the first time they are likely to be tired come the end of the school day. The temptation to plonk them in front of the TV is understandable, but why not try and establish a bit of audio time in your daily routine? Whether it’s the BrainBots exploring the human body, or our Phonics cards, which introduce children to letters and sounds, or the Ladybird Times Tables card, your Yoto Player can be a great way to reinforce what your little one is learning at school.
  • Bedtime is another potential struggle for children starting school; nerves or excitement about the following day can kick in when it’s time for lights out. Establishing a familiar routine around bedtime will help enormously - and Yoto can play a role in doing just that. Sharing a story at bedtime is one of the great pleasures of family life, for parents and children alike - there is absolutely no need to abandon that, but Yoto can provide another opportunity for children to switch off. From Ladybird Sleepy Tales, to Puffin’s Bedtime Stories series, to Disney’s 5 Minute Sleepy Stories, there is a wide range of Yoto cards to choose from to help your little one drift off to sleep.
  • If your child needs something to help them stay settled through the night, then Yoto Sleep Radio plays sleepy songs continuously until the morning, switching to Yoto Radio the next day at whatever time you choose. The Yoto App also offers a selection of sleep sounds; white noise, pink noise, the gentle trickle of a mountain stream or the reassuring spin of a washing machine; whatever helps your little one feel ready and rested for another day - another day in the great adventure of school.



Three of our four timers can be found in the Yoto App - under the "Discover" section. The fourth timer can be found on Yoto Space.

  • The Toothbrush Timer is great for navigating the bustling back-to-school mornings. Simply head to the Yoto App and transform those all important two minutes of brushing into an exciting part of morning and bedtime rituals.
  • Ready, set, tidy! You can find our Tidy-up Timer in the Yoto App. It's all about making tidying up a blast. When the timer's up, watch the magic unfold as your child races to tidy their space before the clock runs out. It's a game-changer for building good habits and keeping that school routine in tip-top shape!
  • Let’s supercharge homework sessions with the Homework Timer! Also available on the Yoto App, this timer encourages focus and consistency while keeping your child on track, preventing procrastination, and turning homework into a fun challenge they'll love!
  • Simplify the morning hustle with the Ready to Leave the House Timer, exclusively available on Yoto Space. From getting dressed to grabbing backpacks, it’s a great way to instill a sense of responsibility and punctuality in your child's new school routine. Say goodbye to chaotic mornings and hello to stress-free starts!

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