Grow with Yoto: The magic of mindfulness and finding your focus
Grow with Yoto: The magic of mindfulness and finding your focus

Grow with Yoto: The magic of mindfulness and finding your focus

The excitement of everyday life can make our minds a little busy, and kids can feel this too! So when it comes to calm, it's never too early to introduce the tools to help them focus on the here and now.

With the magic of mindfulness, kids can become their own guide on life’s biggest adventure: childhood.


What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention to yourself and your surroundings, without judgment. Just like any skill, it requires practice. And it’s never too early to start practicing! You and your little one can practice mindfulness anywhere, whether it be at home, on the go, or at school. The possibilities are endless!


Mindfulness helps children…

Build confidence. A self-assured child follows their curiosity and explores the world around them. They face challenges head-on, no matter how messy life becomes.

Develop communication skills. When your child is aware of how they are feeling, they articulate themselves better. And the adventure only becomes more fun when you’re both on the same page!

Boost their brains (and playtime). With a relaxed and focused mind, learning becomes more fun—and time for focus leaves more time for play!


On the Card Store

The Yoto Card Store has many options to help your child practice mindfulness and find their focus. Whether it be through meditation or breathing exercises, together you can find your fit!

Slumberkins Mini Meditations - Space (Digital)

Age: 3-8

Summary: Use your imagination to travel to space with 4 fun and playful mini meditations by Slumberkins!


Calm it Down

Age: 0-14

Summary: Solo piano music designed to help kids and families unwind and reset, compiled by pianist and composer Chad Lawson.


Peaceful Like a Panda

Age: 3-6

Summary: Three easy-to-follow exercises to help kids calmly and mindfully navigate their daily routines, wherever they are.


Mindfulness Moments for Kids: Three Calming Activities

Age: 0-6

Summary: An award-winning mindfulness collection to help kids slow down, relax and focus - no matter how messy life gets!


Meditate With Me

Age: 4-8

Summary: This step-by-step mindfulness journey is the perfect introduction to meditation for little ones.


The Focus Collection

Age: 0-14

Summary: Dive into this bespoke musical experience, enhanced to help younger listeners to harness the potential of their thoughts.

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