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Get instant access to your new cards, record stories in your own voice, change the nightlight colour on Yoto Player - plus a whole lot more

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Download the free mobile app now to start enjoying Yoto, there’s lots to explore even without the Player!

Winning at bedtime!

Our app puts you in control with tools to make bedtime a breeze. There’s a collection of sleep sounds, Sleep Radio, and a sleep training clock so they know when it’s okay to wake

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  • Discover

    An ever changing selection of premium card titles you can explore before you buy. You can even link these free titles to blank cards to play on Yoto Player


  • Make Your Own

    Where the fun happens! Record stories in your own voice, make playlists from your MP3s, and link them all to physical cards

    Make Your Own

    Make Your Own
  • Podcasts

    Our curated selection of the best kids podcasts in the world. Link one to a card and it will always update to the latest episode


  • Radio

    Kid-friendly radio from around the world! Great for young minds to hear new languages, or just to rock out to Polish power pop!


  • Sleep sounds

    A collection of sounds that are perfect for a soothing bedtime. Play them directly from the app, or link them to a card.

    Sleep sounds

    Sleep sounds

Yoto on the go

A digital copy of all your cards, plus free content in the app means you’ll never be stuck for great audio while you’re out and about

Record your own..

..stories from Grandad, a message from mum while she’s away, silly jokes by the kids! Record them all in the app and turn them into cards you can play on Yoto Player!

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1. Record your audio

2. Make a playlist

3. Link it to a card

Scan a card. On your phone!

That’s right, tap any Yoto card against any phone with NFC (that’s most of them, folks) and hey presto, it adds the card to your library and starts playing it from the app.

Explain Such Sorcery

Player Settings

Set up Yoto Player to work just how you want it, both at night and during the day. Turn off audio play at night? Customize what plays when you press the right hand button? No problem, it’s all in Player Settings.

Stay in control, as the family grows

Manage all your Players from one Family Account and share all your cards between them

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