Canta Con Sonia. Sonia de Los Santos

Canta Con Sonia

    Yoto Says: What better way to introduce your little one to the Spanish language than through these toe-tapping tracks from Sonia De Los Santos!

    Sing it with a smile, like Sonia De Los Santos! This bilingual collection has been put together exclusively for Yoto, and is filled with messages of hope, positivity, and happiness. With a Latin Grammy Nomination under her belt and years of bridge building and community music making, Sonia De Los Santos is the perfect multilingual artist to introduce into your home.

    Track Listing:
    1. Yoto Intro
    2. ¡Alegría!
    3. Los Pajaritos
    4. Hey Little Bunny!
    5. Mariposa Montuna
    6. Mi Papá Me Va A Comprar
    7. Daisy Mae
    8. Colibrí Amarillo
    9. ¡Fiesta, Fiesta!
    10. Songs For The People
    11. Corona de Flores
    12. La Maraca
    13. Este Año
    14. Yoto Outro

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