Yoto Mini Smart Cable


This additional cable is strictly for Yoto Minis manufactured between 2021 and 2023. Owners of these Yoto Minis are eligible to receive their first Yoto Mini Smart Cable for free. Click here to see if your Yoto Mini needs to be charged with a Smart Cable, and to order yours free of charge.

Yoto says: This is like a regular USB-C cable, with additional ‘smart’ functionality to regulate the power delivered to your 2021-2023 Yoto Mini. This ensures safe charging at all times, whilst doubling the charging speed.

Less time waiting to play — The new Smart Cable charges your Yoto Mini in less than 2 hours.

Smarter, safer charging — Inside the Smart Cable is a small chip which allows two-way communication with the Yoto Mini battery. It dynamically keeps the battery charge within safe limits and automatically shuts off power if any battery or component fault is detected.

Clearer visual cues — When connected to a power source and a Yoto Mini, the Smart Cable LED will be lit up to indicate charging as normal. If the cable needs to stop charging for any reason, the LED will blink, and a notice will appear on the Yoto Mini screen if necessary, letting you know when to seek further support from Yoto.

Please note
* The Yoto Mini Smart Cable should only be used with your 2021-2023 Yoto Mini to provide the best level of charge. If used with any other device, it will not damage that device but it may not charge it. 

* Yoto Minis manufactured and sold from 2024 onwards should be charged with the cable provided at time of sale and do not need a Yoto Mini Smart Cable. You can check if your Yoto Mini needs a smart cable  here.

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