Yoto Mini

2024 Edition

Yoto Mini lets kids explore their imaginations as they explore the world. Kids from 3-12+ use physical cards to explore the best audiobooks, music, activities and educational audio on the move.

No microphone. No camera. No ads.

/Add on an Adventure Jacket for/($17.99 when bought separately)

Add on an Adventure Jacket for

($17.99 when bought separately)

Yoto Mini Features

  • New battery with up to 14 hours play per charge
  • A pixel display brings audio to life
  • Play sleep sounds, white noise and more
  • OK-to-wake clock for sleep training
  • Includes a USB-C cable
  • Play audio and change settings in the app
  • Listen quietly with 3.5mm and Bluetooth headphones
  • Use Yoto Mini as a Bluetooth speaker
Comparison of the features of Yoto Player and Yoto Mini
Yoto Player$119.99
Yoto Mini$69.99
Great for...

Listening around the home

Listening on the go


Accoustically-engineered stereo sound


Night light



Room thermometer







USB-C & Wireless


Battery Life

Up to 24 hours

Up to 14 hours


Wired (3.5mm jack) & wireless

Wired (3.5mm jack) & wireless

App connectivity



Free in-player content



Size inch

4.3 x 4.3 x 4.1

2.7 x 2.7 x 1.5

WARNING! Choking Hazard. Small parts, not suitable for children under 36 months

Independent, ad-free listening for kids

No more shouting at speakers or handing over your phone. Now kids can explore what inspires them using physical (durable!) cards. Totally ad free.


Kids pop a card in the slot to play.


Chunky buttons unlock exclusive free audio.


Change chapters and adjust volume on their own.

Parents in control

0-2 years

Use Yoto Mini as a portable sound machine, day or night

Kids in Control

3-5 years

Kids can choose what they want to listen to at home or on the go

Kids in control

6-12+ years

The perfect personal player for kids to discover what inspires them

Sweeter dreams

... a lot of Zs! Discover how Yoto Mini can help...

OK-to-wake? You decide

The OK-to-wake clock lets kids know when it’s time to get up and go. You choose the time, and Yoto Mini’s clock will change to show that it’s wake-up time. It’s what an extra 37 minutes of dreams are made of.

Houston, we have drift-off! Yoto Mini comes loaded with free white noise, dreamy music and more.

Start listening with the Yoto App today

Small speaker, big sound

Don't be fooled - Yoto Mini pumps out size-defying sound for any occasion. You can set volume limits in the app, if you like.

Listen how you like

  • Get offline

    Yoto Mini can store 600+ hours of audio for offline listening. Just download your Yoto Cards with WiFi and then the world is their auditory oyster.

  • Bluetooth speaker

    Yoto Mini works as a regular Bluetooth speaker too. Sync up with your phone or computer to play whatever you like.

  • Headphones

    For quiet time or travel time, kids can use Wireless or Wired Headphones for a more personal listening experience.

Make your own Yoto Cards from (almost) anything

Turn bedtime stories from grandma, your favorite MP3s or even radio streams and podcasts into physical cards in seconds. Find out more.

Tried, tested and loved

Yoto in the Wild

Tech Specs


Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity

USB-C charge

Up to 14hrs playback

Mono speaker 033mm, 3W

32GB internal memory

Audio jack for headphones

Lanyard holes

Box Contents

Yoto Mini

1m (USB-A > USB-C) Charging Cable

Welcome Card (it's also a free Make Your Own card!)


The Yoto app

A WiFi connection

A huge imagination


    That’s an easy one! Yoto Mini puts the best of Yoto in the palms of kids’ hands. It’s small enough for kids of all ages to use as a personal player on all their adventures.

    This award-winning audio companion doesn’t have a night light, but it shares Yoto Player’s OK-to-wake clock. And like its older sibling, Yoto Mini is packed with free podcasts, radio, sleep sounds and other good stuff for curious young minds.

    • Yoto Mini
    • USB-C charge cable (1m)
    • Welcome Card (it's also a Make Your Own Card)
    • Setup Guide

    Yoto Mini is suitable for kids aged 3+. Our Card Store has 1,000+ titles for kids from birth to 12+ so your kids will always discover new audio to inspire them as they grow.

    You’ll need a WiFi connection to set up your Yoto Mini and download your Yoto Cards. Once they’re downloaded, your kids can play them wherever and whenever they like!

    Yoto Mini has up to 350 hours/32GB of audio storage. Some features, like Yoto Radio and Yoto Daily or your day-and-night clock, will need WiFi. But most listening can be done with or without a connection - at the park, on a plane or in the car!

    You can also disconnect Yoto Mini from the WiFi via the app.

    Download the Yoto App for iOS or Android which will guide you through our very quick setup process. It takes just a few minutes to get your Yoto Mini up and running!

    Yoto Cards are very durable! They’re built like debit cards so they’re hard to bend and even harder to break.

    If you lose one, you can still listen to it in the Yoto App and link your digital version to a new Make Your Own Card. Simple.

    Yoto Mini (2024 Edition) has a new, improved battery from a different supplier than Yoto Minis manufactured between 2021 and 2023. Yoto Mini (2024 Edition) has 32Gb of memory storage for around 500 hours of audio.

    Yoto Mini (2024 edition) have 14 digit SKU numbers that end with a dash H or dash U, or are 9FE and higher.

    You can find the 14 digit serial number on the base of the unit.

    All Yoto Minis manufactured between 2021 and 2023 must be charged with a Yoto Mini Smart Cable.

    Yoto Mini (2024 Edition) have 14 digit SKU numbers that end with a dash H or dash U, or are 9FE and higher.

    No. Yoto Mini (2024 Edition) is not subject to the safety update of April 2024, and does not need the Yoto Mini Smart Cable to charge.

    No. Yoto Mini (2024 Edition) doesn’t need the Yoto Mini Smart Cable to charge. It is, however, compatible with the Yoto Mini Smart Cable.

    Yes. Whilst Yoto Mini (2024 Edition) doesn’t need the Yoto Mini Smart Cable to charge, it will work to charge the Yoto Mini (2024 Edition).

    Yes. Vouchers can be used to purchase any product on the Yoto website.

    We have done extensive testing and certification with independent test labs and supplier auditing to prove the high quality of the battery.