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Laurie Berkner Pack (Digital)


    Yoto says: Rock along with award-winning children’s music artist Laurie Berkner and her band.

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    Get ready for another musical adventure with The Laurie Berkner Band! Featuring three new jam-tastic albums that bring together nature, movement, and love! From nature-inspired tunes celebrating our planet to energetic beats that will have the whole family dancing, and heartwarming melodies celebrating all forms of love, this pack is sure to be a family favorite.

    Laurie Berkner’s Movement Songs:

    • I’m Gonna Catch You
    • Monster Boogie
    • Balloons
    • Shakin’ Down The Sugar
    • All Around My Room
    • My Energy
    • Let’s Samba
    • Sneaks
    • Balance Beam
    • I Really Love To Dance
    • Song In My Tummy
    • Shake Your Body Down
    • BOOTS
    • Five Days Old

    Laurie Berkner’s Nature Songs:

    • One Seed
    • Moon Moon Moon
    • Walk Along The River
    • In The Clouds
    • What Falls In The Fall?
    • Stars Are Shining
    • Just Like The Sun
    • All The Planets
    • After It Rains
    • Can You Imagine?
    • Like A Seashell
    • Running Down The Hill
    • Under A Shady Tree

    Laurie Berkner’s Songs About Love:

    • Open Your Heart
    • I Love My Rooster
    • I Gave My Love A Cherry (The Riddle Song)
    • My Family
    • Smile
    • There’s A Little Wheel A-Turnin’ In My Heart
    • I’m Not Perfect
    • Fly Me To The Moon
    • Froggie Went A-Courtin’
    • Your Beautiful Eyes
    • 123
    • Blow A Kiss

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