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Phonics: Letters and Sounds: Phase 2

  • Read by Nezar Alderazi

Yoto says: The second phase in Yoto's phonics program. Each interactive audio card introduces a new set of letter sounds, encouraging children to blend and sound out words

 What sound does an s make? What about a k? Join us on the second phase of our fun-filled phonetic journey based on core early education standards.

Letters and Sounds: Phase 2 encourages children to blend and sound out a host of new words, accompanied by helpful visuals. But be warned - not all words are as simple as they seem! The Sight Words Card features words that don’t sound the way they look - an engaging challenge for ambitious kids!

This set includes six interactive audio cards, each introducing a new set of letter sounds:
1 - Letter Sounds: s, a, t, p
2 - Letter Sounds : i, n, m, d
3 - Letter Sounds : g, o, c, k
4 - Letter Sounds : ck, e, u, r
5 - Letter Sounds : h, b, f, ff, l, ll, ss
6 - Sight Words

With each card building upon the last, your child will discover which sound each letter makes and learn to sound out words using those letters.

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